2018 Tour of the Annieglass Factory

Every Annieglass piece receives a hand-etched signature and date.

On October 18, 2018, seventeen Silver Slugs met in Watsonville to see how the craftspeople at Annieglass turn large slabs of architectural window glass into beautiful and useful handcrafted glassware. After sternly (and humorously) warning us not to touch anything in the production area, because GLASS IS SHARP, our tour guide, founder Annie Morhauser’s daughter Eva, took us through each stage in the process. From cutting the glass, either by hand or by computerized water jet cutter, to the application of precious metal or painted decoration or etching, and then to the firing process. Here the glass pieces are heated to high temperature in electric kilns until the glass softens and “slumps” over hand-made plaster forms. Before shipping, each piece receives a hand-etched signature and date. 
Annieglass recently celebrated their 35th year, and Annieglass continues to offer new designs, such as their sea-inspired patterns, as well as producing old favorite patterns. Their current factory incorporates their only factory outlet, selling their current patterns and factory seconds, and a space offering art classes and wine tastings. For those who are interested, but could not join us, Annieglass offers regular tours, three days a week. More information at: