UCSC Retirees Association Bylaws

Article I – Name

The name of this non-profit organization shall be “University of California, Santa Cruz, Retirees Association” (UCSCRA).

Article II – Purpose

Section I – The Purpose of the Association is:

  1. To support a continuing affiliation with the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC).

  2. To serve as a retiree advocate and to monitor health insurance and other earned benefits that affect UCSC retirees.

  3. To promote and provide opportunities for interaction among retirees.

  4. To raise funds for scholarships for UCSC students through the UCSC Retirees Association Bruce Lane Memorial Scholarship program. 

  5. To serve the University as advocates, ambassadors, and volunteers.

Section II – Limitations

No debt may be incurred in excess of the funds in the treasury of the Association.

Article III – Membership

Section I – Regular Membership

Any person who has retired from the University of California shall be eligible for regular membership and may choose to become an annual or life member.

Section II – Associate Membership

Current employees, as well as non-university spouses and partners shall be eligible for associate member status, and in very special circumstances other persons may be eligible.  An associate member has full privileges, but may not serve on the Board of Directors.

Article IV – Board of Directors

Section I – Eligibility

Any regular member whose dues are paid shall be eligible for nomination and election, and/or appointment to the Board.

Section II – Board of Directors and Officers

  1. The Board of Directors shall consist of the elected officers, the chairpersons of committees appointed by the President, a representative and an alternate to the Council of University of California Retirees Associations (CUCRA), liaisons to campus units, managers, members-at-large and honorary board members. (See accompanying Leadership Roles document).

  2. Officers shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Officers shall be recommended by the Nominating Committee and elected to two-year terms by a majority vote of the Board.  Officers shall not serve more than two elected consecutive terms in the same office unless proposed by the Nominating Committee and supported by a two-thirds vote of the Board.

  3. Board vacancies:  A vacancy occurring within the Board shall be filled by recommendations from the Nominating Committee and a majority vote of the Board.

  4. Board meetings:  The Board shall meet six times a year, or more often as deemed necessary. Meetings will not ordinarily be held in January and July and in those months in which social events are scheduled.

  5. Honorary Board Member:  Honorary board members are those individuals who are recognized by the Board for providing significant service to the Retirees Association as a Board member for at least ten years.  Honorary board members will continue to pay dues and will retain voting privileges for those meetings that they attend.  They will be listed as “Honorary Board Members” in the newsletter, on the website and in other Board information.  The Nominating Committee shall submit the names of new eligible honorary board members, along with its regular list of candidates, to the Board in April of each year for a vote.

Article V – Officers and Committee Chairs 

Section I – President

The President shall preside at all Board meetings and at social events, and shall appoint special committees, as needed. 

The President may serve as an ex officio member of all committees with the exception of the Nominating Committee.

The President shall represent the Association externally to University officers, and maintain working relationships with the Office of the Chancellor and the chairs of the Emeriti Association and the Academic Senate’s Emeriti Relations Committee. 

The President, in consultation with the Board, shall submit an annual report of the Association’s activities to the Chancellor.

Section II – Vice President

The Vice President acts in lieu of the President if the President is unavailable or unable to discharge her/his duties.  In this capacity, the Vice President may serve as the representative of the Association, set the agenda, and preside at Board meetings and may complete other necessary tasks to insure the success of the Association.

In most instances, the Vice President is recognized as the President-elect.

The Vice President serves as the alternate CUCRA representative, as the liaison with the UCSC Staff Advisory Board, and as a member of the Program and Events Committee.

Section III – Secretary

The Secretary shall record the minutes of the Board meetings and provide minutes to the members of the Board by email or U.S. mail. The Secretary maintains archival minutes of Board meetings in print and digital form. Periodically the Secretary transfers digital documents to the Board's Electronic Communications Manager,  and transfers hard copies of Association documents to the Special Collections and Archives of the University Library.

The Secretary shall maintain an up-to-date paper copy of the Bylaws and other critical Board information, and perform other duties as assigned.

Section IV – Treasurer

The Treasurer oversees the Association’s finances and assures that income and expenses are reconciled to University ledgers on a timely basis. 

The Treasurer will also provide a current financial summary at each Board meeting; propose an annual budget for Board approval; maintain a working relationship with the designated campus fiscal liaison; and coordinate with the Membership Chair to assure that membership contributions are reconciled.

Section V – Standing Committees and CUCRA Representatives

  1. The Board shall maintain the following standing committees and the President shall appoint the chairs (see Leadership Roles document):

    • Membership Committee

    • Program and Events Committee

    • Newsletter Committee

    • Scholarship Committee

    • Nominating Committee

    • Office Committee

    • Fundraising Committee

  2. The President shall appoint a representative and an alternate representative (normally the Vice President) to attend the biannual CUCRA meetings.

  3. Committee Membership:  When deemed necessary, any chair may appoint committee members with the advice and consent of the President.

Section VI – Liaisons and Managers

The President shall appoint liaisons to relevant campus offices and committees, and also appoint managers who help the Association conduct its business. These may include, but not be limited to: Benefits Office and Health Care Facilitator Liaison, Telephone Communications Manager, and Electronic Communications and Website Manager.  (See Leadership Roles document).

Article VI – Elections

Section I – Eligibility for Nomination

Any regular member whose dues are paid shall be eligible for nomination and election, and/or appointment to the Board.

Section II – Nominations

The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of three or more members of the Board.  The chair of this committee shall rotate annually.

The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of potential Board members and officers and shall present them to the Board in April for election in June.

Article VII – Donations and Fees

Section I – Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Association shall be the period from July 1 through June 30.

Section II – Membership Contributions

The membership contribution levels for annual, life, and associate members shall be set by the Board of Directors upon recommendation from the Membership Committee.

Article VIII – Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern the Association in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Bylaws, or any special rules of the Association.

Article IX – Amendments

Amendment to these Bylaws may be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the Board, provided each member of the Board is sent by U.S. mail or email a copy of the amendment a week prior to its adoption.

Association members in good standing may propose amendments to the Bylaws for consideration and adoption by the Board.

The general membership shall be notified of amendments adopted by the Board via the newsletter.

Adopted by the Board June 11, 2013