UCSC Retiree Benefits

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UC Retirement Plan Benefits

Information from UCRP regarding cost of living adjustments, survivor benefits, death benefits, and retiree health and insurance benefits.


Contact Transportation and Parking Services (459-4543) for information regarding FREE parking and bus pass privileges available to UCSC retirees. Or go to TAPS' website for information and to apply for a retiree parking pass.

Google Training

UCSC Retirees are eligible for free campus Open Labs.


UCSC retirees are extended courtesy borrowing privileges: UCSC Library.

Recreation Facilities

Information on discounted recreation facility fees for retirees' use of recreation facilities can be found by contacting OPERS at 459-2531. Spouses/partners (non-UCSC retirees) 65 and older may be eligible for a discount. Be sure to ask when signing up for membership.

Reduced Fee Enrollment

UCSC retirees are eligible for reduced fee enrollment in UCSC courses. Contact the Training & Development Office at 459-5320.

UC Travel Program

If you have an itch for some foreign travel, check out the programs that have been designed especially for UC retirees. These tours are arranged through Collette Vacations. Further information is available at the CUCRA (Council of UC Retiree Associations) web site or by calling Collette at 800-340-5158. Be certain to identify yourself as a UC retiree, as the customary agency fee is donated to CUCRA.

CUCRA's travel representative, Rosemary Norling, has arranged several 2017 travel opportunities for UC retirees. Check out the trips to Iceland, Georgiaʻs Southern Charm, Ireland and Peru.