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Nov  8
Giving Day
Nov  16
Coffee Meet Up in Scotts Valley
Dec  6
Holiday Gathering

Slugs On The Go

Read about the Retirees Association tour of the UCSC Hay Barn and Farm, and the abundance of crops and the activities in the background as guests explored the site.


Retiring Class of 2023

Read quotes and favorite memories from newly retired staff and faculty from the Retiring Class of 2023, available on the Retiree & Emeriti Center website!

UCSC Retirees 

Retirees in Action:

77% volunteer in the community

34% volunteer for the University

48% provide professional services

22% publish written works



The UCSC Retirees Association is an active member of CUCRA, the Council of University of California Retirees Associations. This is a system-wide consortium with representatives from all the UC campuses and laboratories who meet twice a year with UC leadership. CUCRA is active in advocating for retiree benefits and privileges and also co-sponsors an extensive travel program with excursions all over the world. 

Retiree Resources

The Retiree Association is all about staying connected.  Our Resource and Connections page provides links to valuable resources within UC and outside the University. We've also highlighted opportunities to volunteer and travel that may be of particular interest to retirees. The UCSC Retirees Association is a member of the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE).