Professional Educator’s Assistance Recognition (PEAR) Scholarship

As the nation's largest educational travel institution for older adults, Road Scholar is proud to announce a unique opportunity for past and present educators to take part in one of their Road Scholar travel programs. With the generous support of donors, a special kind of assistance specifically for active and retired educators has been created called the "Professional Educator's Assistance Recognition" scholarship - or "PEAR" for short. If you are over 50 years of age, are currently working in or have retired from any educational organization or system and are facing financial barriers preventing you from participating in a Road Scholar program, you are eligible to apply. For more information, go to the Retirees Association Announcements page. 

Members' Corner

Look for our Member's Survey in the April 2019 issue of the Silver Slug Newsletter. Your feedback is important to us! 

Check out the UCSC Retiree & Emeriti Center (REC) website for additional information and resources available to all retirees.

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         SPRING 2019

  • Ann Durbin - Genomics Institute
  • Kathy Jones - Purchasing
  • Deborah Murphy - Library and Paul Weaver - CATS
  • Michele Moore-Tashima - Physical & Biological Sciences



Retiree Benefits

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Find out more information about retiree travel, library privileges, parking, OPERS benefits and much more on the Benefits page.

The UCSC Retiree Associations is an active member of CUCRA, the Council of University of California Retirees Associations.


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Retiree Resources

The Retiree Association is all about staying connected.  Our Resource and Connections page provides links to valuable resources within UC and outside the University. We've also highlighted opportunities to volunteer and travel that may be of particular interest to retirees.

The UCSC Retirees Association is a member of the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education.