2018 Annual Holiday Luncheon

This year's Annual Holiday Luncheon was held on Thursday, December 6th at United Peace Church on High Street. A special tribute was given to Chancellor George Blumenthal, as he announced earlier in the Fall that he would be retiring at the end of the 2018-19 Academic year. The UCSC Retirees Association presented him with a star named after him, and an apron and T-shirt tote bag from our Crafts Committee. RA President Ilse Lopes expressed our gratitude for the ongoing support that we have received throughout his tenure. Chancellor Blumenthal has always made the time to attend RA events and provide updates on relevant happenings on campus and at the system-wide level.  

Retirees Association President Ilse Lopes standing behind a podium and presenting Chancellor George Blumenthal with a plaque and gifts

UCSC Retirees Association President Ilse Lopes presenting certificate to Chancellor Blumenthal


Hand made crafts were sold to benefit the Silver Slug Award Scholarship. Thank you to the following people who donate their time to create these wonderful items: Karalee Richter, Patt Takeuchi, Robin Ove, Pamela Hunt-Carter, Maria Smith, Jane Hawirth, David Kirk.