Quarry Tour - Wednesday, October 12 at 9 am

Retirees trip to hear about the renovations being planned for Campus Quarry amphitheater.

See the plans before the Quarry is closed off in the fall for the first phase of construction. The campus has been giving tours over the summer and this one is just for the Retirees and their friends
We meet at the entrance to the Quarry, just past the Bookstore and Café Iveta. We will be met by Linda Navone from Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor Alison Galloway‘s office, who will give the 40 minute tour.  The quarry closed in 2006 and you will hear about plans to bring it back into service in the near future. If you have photos or memories to share about the Quarry please let Linda know when you see her or add them to the following website (see Quarry Stories section).
If this time is not convenient for you, there are two remaining public tours left.;  September 15 and October 20. 
Meet in Quarry Plaza beyond the Bay Tree Bookstore at Noon. 
Reservations for the tours are not necessary.

 Questions about Retirees tour email Jerry Walters at:  jwalters@cruzio.com

Questions about campus noon tours contact Monika Jung:  mrjung@ucsc.edu