April 17, 2014 Arboretum Tour

The fog was in, but that did not discourage the thirty-seven retirees and emeriti who showed up for our tour of the UCSC Arboretum.

We spanned continents and crossed continental divides and oceans and visited New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia, all places with about the same climatic conditions as Santa Cruz.

We learned how Grevillias are pollinated, why Banksias need fire for their cones to open, and that you can tell how old bottle brush (Callistemon) is by counting the clusters of seedpods.

We saw the effects of both this year’s drought and freeze, and we enjoyed the constant accompaniment of hummingbirds everywhere!

Many of us were surprised at how large the Arboretum is, and how much was in bloom, especially those beautiful pincushion Proteas.  We had may requests to repeat the tour again next year.

2014 Silver Slug Arboretum Tour